22 OKTOBER 2019


Dream big, make a change

Enter the world of making and doing

Draw, build, pitch & sale

Tijdens het Creativity World Forum 2019 dat op 21, 22 en 23 oktober in Brabant werd gehouden, presenteerde een aantal wet-houders challenges voor de bezoekers van het CWF. De Ontdekfabriek en SPARK boden in Eindhoven een gezamenlijke workshop aan.

Wet-houders Cassande Vugts en Hugo Vrijdag ontvingen Nederlandse en buitelandse CWF-bezoekers in De Ontdekfabriek waar Jasper Sluit van SPARK een workshop gaf.

Dreams may be bigger when you are young, and fade out when you’re older. As we know more, we tend to actually do less with realising dreams. But let’s be real: the world needs dreams, in order to conquer the challenges we face today. SPARK and the Ontdekfabriek are convinced that dreaming big is a good idea, and start doing is the best option for today.  Join us at our workshop!

After a short welcome and introduction we take you to the world of making and doing. An idea which you never thought that could actually happen, is the key subject in the workshop. In teams we are going to make an actual dream come true.  

Innovation starts with an idea, real change starts with turning ideas into action. Without doing, nothing really pulls off. Experimenting, trial and error. That’s what it needs. We believe that this is of tremendous value to create a sustainable planet, to be able to learn throughout our lives and create a perspective for all. We’ll set you up in your team with a challenge that simply seems too hard to fix.  

By challenging yourself and your team, you’ll explore new boundaries.  

The Ontdekfabriek, together with the SPARK Makers Zone will lead the workshop and offer you tooling, challenging questions and iterations. You’ll pitch and create the idea in de makerspace. Afterwards, we’ll discuss our value lessons: what changed for you today? What will you take home to change the inevitable?